Marketing For Your local events

Pop Ups & Markets


On Social Media

Instagram story updates? Vendor call-outs in your feed? A shared Facebook post? Social media is a solid place to start getting the word out about your event.

Create a central hub of information for your event where people can easily find out the who/what/where/when/etc. details and make sure you social media is pointing them in the right direction.

embrace your team

If you’re planning your pop-up event with a team, you’re halfway there. Make it easy for everyone to boost the event with shareable graphics and a ready-to-go list of all vendors to tag.

No team? Nothing to worry about. Reach out to some local people you think might benefit from your event or be interested in attending.

celebrate local love

It doesn’t need to be fancy either. Reach out to local businesses in person to see if they want to collaborate with your event or if they're open to help spreading the word with a small postcard by the checkout or a picture on their bulletin.

Remember to return the favor when they come around throwing their own event!


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