on pinterest

Pinterest has a wealth of creative inspiration and has become one of the places online that I love to browse visually to get motivated for my own projects. I’ve organized my boards to help others find inspiration too.


My boards (@kaespodesign)

These boards contain only pins with my designs, projects, blog posts, and resources. My boards will always have a black corner so you can easily spot them from my Pinterest profile!


My Group Boards

Coming soon.


graphic design inspiration

I find a lot of inspiration in graphic design that might not particularly apply to my own style. I’ll save pins to these boards if I like a design in it’s entirety or just a small piece of it. Some of the pins in their respective boards might not even show something specifically for that category and instead just triggered an idea that I can apply to that topic instead. These boards are a collection of designs that I can simply appreciate and will inspire me in different ways for my own work.


Home, living, + Lifestyle blog Boards

My home and lifestyle has a big impact on my professional work. Keeping up with everything is an everyday task and I always try to find the fun in all of it. This is where you can find snippets into my person home & lifestyle tastes - things I like, things I want to try, thing I do - as well as a few of my own blog posts about it all.


business, blogging, & Work Resources

The ideas and inspiration shared by other businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers is amazing! I’ve organized a few boards to share a few of the helpful things I’ve found along the way. These resources can be applied to a lot of creative fields and were all bound to stumble onto something we can learn from (or get inspired from).


Moodboards + Fandom Aesthetics

This easily could’ve turned into a nerd section. These Pinterest boards are filled with things that are closer to my own personal taste and give me all-general inspiration for everything. Between novel fandoms and moodboards, I can scroll through any of these boards and think of all types of ideas.