What program do you use to design?

A combination between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Do you take Free requests?

Everyone is welcome to send me ideas but I can't guarantee that I will complete them all.

Where can I hire you or buy your prints?

For all services and products, check out my Design website: KaespoDesign.Com - or if you're looking to collaborate, feel free to send me an e-mail.


Where do you find the photos for your designs?

I take them myself! Unless otherwise stated, all photos have been shot and edited by me.

Didn't you used to have more lockscreens?

Yes! I started my Tumblr blog, HelloKaespo in Spring 2016 and have left all my posts available there. I migrated most of them over here in October 2017 but there is a search function on KaespoCreative as well as HelloKaespo.

Do you still blog on tumblr?

Yes, but only occasionally. All of my designs and posts will be on KaespoCreative, though I'll still post pieces of sets and a few updates on my Tumblr Blog.