Fire & Flower Cannabis Co | What to Expect From a Cannabis Retail Shop & Dispensary

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m in a bit of a brand nerd - on top of all-things aesthetics - and a design nerd. So, walking into Fire & Flower’s concept store in downtown Edmonton was mostly what I expected.

Everyone prepare to swoon. And it’s not for the design.

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This post is sponsored by a Canadian company by the name of Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. I'm stoked with their take on the cannabis industry and the modern & educational brand they've build. All content has been written by me (kaespo) with the same caffeine-fueled honesty & love that I put into all my other work.


I already follow Fire & Flower online and I’ve adventured around their website enough times to know their brand is stunning. It’s clean. It’s fun. I already liked it. Naturally, I had high expectations when I walked into the store.

They’ve taken a solid mark behind being ‘Canada’s cannabis shop’ and fighting the stereotypical cannabis brand. They’re not the only ones out there with a spin on cannabis. I’ve seen the beautiful packaging and scrolled through countless accounts, Granted, they’re scarce between the less appealing (to me) accounts. But I’ve found them.

So, with all my expectations, hopes, and sneak peeks in mind, I showed up on Saturday eager to see it for myself.


There were three people outside smiling in the rain and inviting people inside. Props to them. And there were people at the door checking IDs and taking emails. There was food (honestly, this is guaranteed to start me off on the right foot), and exactly as expected, the place was beautiful. The lighting was perfect.

I’ve already seen a picture of their concept store so I knew it’d be, ahem, aesthetic af and what knocked it out of the park was they delivered the experience they promised.


From the people at the front door, to the lady (manager?) who found me to answer a question someone couldn’t, to the girl chatting up the product - it was better than expected.

We browsed, uninterrupted and unbothered, yet the staff still acknowledged us without the awkward sales-y comments you usually get. They were friendly and present but stayed out of your way.

I asked a few questions while we talked and one of which was about confirmed locations. She tracked someone down and got me an answer (not that it was a big deal question) quickly. And more than that, every single person I talked to was knowledgeable. It’s so refreshing to be able to walk into a store where you expect information and to receive it too.


What To Expect From a Dispensary/Cannabis Store

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary or smoke shop before, you’ll already have your own expectations from places like this. We all use cannabis in different ways and it gets to a point where everything is a personal preference, whether it’s recreational or medicinal use.

However, if you’re patiently awaiting to dabble in the cannabis lifestyle come October than don’t be nervous about walking into a store for the first time.

  • You’re going need to show identification.
    Have your ID on you. Liquor stores ID anyone who looks under 30 and this will be no different.

  • Check online for reviews and other people’s experiences.
    I do this for everything. I know the type of experience I want when I go places and I usually know what I’m looking for. If I don’t get the right vibe online, I’m probably not going to drive anywhere either.

  • If you know what you’re looking for, ask. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, ask.
    They’re there to make it easy. Maybe you saw something on instagram and wanted to try it out. Maybe you heard from a friend that they tried a strain you might like. You don’t have to be an expert when you walk-in and nobody cares if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Or, if you want to browse. Just browse.

  • You might have to wait, but that’s okay.
    It’ll be worth the wait. Whoever ends up helping you should be able to answer all your questions - strain names, ingredients, potency, warnings - but remember not everyone is going to be a full-blown expert. Do your research beforehand if you can!

  • Talk about what you’re looking for.
    Are you grabbing something for chill weekend? Or are you looking for something a little more exciting? Did you see a rig at the front you want to give a go? Have you never consumed cannabis before and you don’t want to overdo it the first time around? We’re all just here for a good time.

  • Just relax.
    If it’s your first time going to a dispensary, be excited! Ask your questions, mull it over, check out their available strains, browse their accessories (if they have them) and don’t feel pressured to buy something you don’t think you’ll enjoy.

  • Share the experience.
    Leave a review online or share a snap/story about it. Others will thank you! But remember that not all negative experiences are a result of the store you bought from - maybe that strain wasn’t for you, maybe your edibles were a bad place to start, maybe you expected something else.


I’m now left to wait around with everyone else for October to see what the buying experience will be like. The products they had on display were beautiful and I loved to see a balance between different products. Compare to most shops, it looks like they have less but I don’t believe it’s a setback. Their presentation is flawless and I’d rather see a few high quality (and non-dusty) finds on the shelves than a huge range of mediocre products.

I will be completely honest though, I’ve got my eyes on one of the humidors they had and I’ll be looking into snagging one of those locally if I can because I don’t think I can wait another month. The perfect size and I’d love to not have to pay a fortune in shipping to get it on my shelf.

Join me in the wait and keep up with Fire & Flower on instagram or on their website. If you were able to drop by their concept store, I’d love to hear what you thought of it - shoot me a message on my instagram @kaespo or twitter @kaespodesign .