Sarasota Homes Spring Market at Cobalt Beach - April 2018, St. Albert Pop Ups

Wasn't it just last week I said I'd try and do better at the next market with sharing photos? I'm here, friends, and I actually snapped some things to share! Granted, they're all on my iPhone but it's better than nothing.

On April 14th, Sarasota Homes hosted a fabulous handful of some talented locals in their row of showhomes. I did my best to capture how great everyone was that popped up and also how truly stunning their homes are! For a better look, I absolutely recommend checking out their instagram ( though.


The Waldorf

Unit 6, 100 Jensen Lakes Boulevard - St. Albert

Yes, it's absolutely based of Gossip Girl characters - if that's not enough to make you check out these homes than I can't help you. Between Prairie Couture's style, Little Lamb & Co's decor + accessories, and Macarons and Goodies' incredible selection, this townhouse did Blair Waldorf proud.

Highlights of this unit

Besides being gloriously minimal and open, I'm in love with the corner window and couch. That being said, that dining room table with the mirror and storage takes the cake. Oddly enough, I think I'd love to watch myself eat. And then also watch my guests eat because happiness looks good on everyone.


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The Vanessa

Unit 7, 100 Jensen Lakes Boulevard - St. Albert

Okay, so Vanessa is not my favorite (in the show, of course) but Sarasota Homes took her style and boy, did they ever run with it. Unit 7 is where I was, along with Simply Green Style, Cory Touring, and Joy+Oils.

While my stuff isn't totally boho chic, the wall hangings do sort of fit. Cory Touring, a local blacksmith and woodworker, kept us all feeling pretty bad ass with his hand-forged roses and rustic displays. Simply Green Style rocked the dining room with an awesome amount of secondhand treasures and styles to choose from (I pre-shopped, of course) and Joy+Oils kept us in better-than-average spirits diffusing heavenly oils all day long.

Highlights of this unit

See that cool tile pattern behind the 'there's an oil for that' sign? That. Do your oohs and aahs then brace yourself because that cool tile pattern is a sticker. Say hello to affordability and all your new house projects with Quadro Style Stickers. I'm also a lover of storage spaces and the greatroom has the perfect built-in shelving around the fireplace.


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The Chuck

Unit 8, 100 Jensen Lakes Boulevard - St. Albert

This unit is my favorite in all of the ways. Exposed brick, cool lighting, the pipe shelving - Hi, Chuck, it's me, you're new owner. It was only fitting to have such cool ladies filling this unit a little bit of everything. Jen Kinal was there with her A Beautiful Inspiration line, 3 Girls Swimwear dropped in from their downtown St. Albert spot and set up shop in the dining room, and Boho West worked that kitchen like a queen. On the ground floor, MNS decked out the den to give everyone some serious sock envy (until now I didn't know this was a thing but it most definitely had me rethinking my choices).

Highlights of this unit

The designers absolutely killed it with this unit. The colors. The floor. Right down dining room shelving display. My minimal heart swoons for this unit. I didn't snap photos of it (but it's definitely worth checking out in person) but the upstairs bedrooms (master and spare) have wallpaper to die for. One is concrete, one is brick and they're an equal amount of eye candy.


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The Rhodes

Unit 9, 100 Jensen Lakes Boulevard - St. Albert

A classic, in my truly and brutally non-professional-interior-designer-opinion. Mild choices that make it feel like home when you walk inside. Right down to the greatroom that was devoured by Shop Somewear's consignment treasures. 35 Ltd took over the kitchen and beside her, Wild Hope Design moved right on into the dining room and they all looked like they could've been taking over forever. I don't think anyone would complain if they did.

Highlights of this unit

Think of the endless buffet possibilities with a kitchen in the middle. More importantly, the kitchen storage - I could dedicate a whole section to hold my pasta. It feels so open and bright on every floor (that den and front entry is perfection) and now that I've experienced how heavenly natural light is, I don't think I could live without it.


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The sales center

Unit 6-9, 100 Jensen Lakes Boulevard - St. Albert

If my garage could look this cool, I'd throw parties in it all the time. The sales center had the necessities: fabulous staff, Roasti Coffee, Slime, and Jilly's Boutique. Honestly, it's a wonder people even made it past the main floor - I absolutely could've just posted up with the coffee and booths and called it a day.


I think I spent more time checking out all the cool stuff in the townhouses than I did manning my booth. I bought a few things here and there (and no, not just six cups of coffee) and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!

If you're wondering where I might be next, check out my local events + popups page or follow my instagram for the latest updates!

Farewell pals,

- K

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