Shareable Visuals No. 4 - Blush Color Palette, Lara


Shareable Visuals No. 4 - blush palette, aesthetic photography for your feed

Color Palette: Pastels, Blush
Style: Minimal
Content: Photos
Background: n/a
Size: 1200x1200 px

Design + Photography: ©KAESPO
Useage: Free for personal use only. Do not edit. Do not share as your own. Repost with credit.

-kaespo, instagram 






Coordinating Instagram Highlight Covers

View the set of ombre solid color block highlight covers


free stock photography Included:

  • pastel leaves

  • european architecture

  • apothecary bottles

  • dried florals

  • chandelier ceiling

  • ombre paper hearts

  • trinket + chain

  • novel pages


Need Brand or Style Photography?

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