A Peek at LoSeCa Thrift Store

Last Saturday I headed out to LoSeCa in St. Albert for a styled photoshoot to help build some content to share as they start to get more involved on social media. Jen from Life Preloved (@lifepreloved) met me there and pulled some outfits so I could go on a glorious flat-lay rampage.

The staff were amazing while we whipped around the store and I took over a tiny corner in the front entrance because the lighting was heaven-sent (thanks, summer, for doin' your thing). We were there in the morning and the corner was just far enough that the harsh light and shadows didn't quite reach me.

Edmonton Brand & Lifestyle Photography | KAESPO Design
Edmonton Brand & Lifestyle Photography | KAESPO Design

Truth be told, I hate shopping for clothes. I hate trying on clothes. I hate shifting through hangers and bumping elbows with other shoppers. And I'm a whopping 5'1" so it's actually quite hard to find things that fit nice without alterations. But when I do go shopping, I love a good thrift store. You can find some cool shit in thrift stores.


About LoSeCa

LoSeCa Foundation is a non-profit agency supporting people with developmental disabilities and they rely heavily on fundraising to provide the best support for the individuals in their services and all proceeds from the thrift store go towards their mission.


About Life Preloved

I met Jen at a Pop-Up at the beginning of the year and fell in love everything she shares on her instagram about style, thrifting, and sustainability. I was stoked she was available to come to help in the morning with some outfits!

View her instagram @lifepreloved, her website, and her Ebay listings with her awesome thrifted finds.

Life Preloved | Thrifted Style in Edmonton

a preview of The Finds

While Jen scoured the racks, I flat-layed my life away armed with a few props and a hell of a lot of clothes. I don't want to give it all away - you can check out LoSeCa on facebook or instagram to see as they start posting things - but here's a few of the photos from the morning.


If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, they're located just on the edge of St. Albert in Campbell Business Park at #1 215 Carnegie Drive. You can also find out more about them on their website.


Spring Fair At LoSeCa

They'll be hosting their first market on Saturday, May 26th from 10am to 3pm and they have some great local businesses and creators coming out - they have more information on their Facebook Event Page to check out. I'll always be dropping by for the market for photos so if you want to grab a coffee and snag a photo, shoot me a message on instagram and we can meet up.


With this project coming to an end, I'm super excited to be diving head-first into a few others. I post daily in my story if you're ever wondering what I'm up to.

If you're in need of a styled brand photoshoot or have a project in mind you'd like to collab with, just send me an e-mail and we'll make it happen!

- Kaespo