lockscreens no. 100 part 3/3

part 1 (A-I) | part 2 (J-R)

this is my 100th set of lockscreens! I started making these for fun in March and in a couple months I’ve recieved amazing comments and unreal support! I’ve never done a follow-forever or shared blog recs of my favorite fandoms. Reaching my 100th set, I decided, was something to celebrate because I wouldn’t have kept up with them without you guys.

I don’t know everyone’s names or usernames but I wanted to thank everyone for the epic love you’ve given me. even though I’m so slow at requests. So I’ve made a set of the alphabet and hope it covers all of you <3 THANK YOU!

please don’t repost or redesign. likes + reblogs are appreciated <3
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These beautiful flowers are from design cuts :) And the font I used in Montserratt.

- kaespo
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