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Getting Creative & Motivated with Music & Cannabis | KAESPO Creative Lifestyle Blog, Edmonton

This post is sponsored by a fabulous Canadian company by the name of Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. They neither told me to call them fabulous nor told me what to write in this post. All content has been written by me (kaespo) with the same love and caffeine that I put into all my other work.


One of the most popular questions I get asked across all platforms is "Where do you find inspiration?" or some variation of it. How do you find motivation? What inspires you? How do you get out of Procrastination Station?   

Every single time, I answer this with one simple word: music. It opens my mind to my own experiences and gives me a chance to imagine new ones. Telling people my inspiration is fine-and-dandy except that everyone is different and my answer isn’t the solution for everyone. 

I think that opening your mind, however you accomplish that, is the best place to start. 

With all the excitement of Canada legalizing cannabis (October 17th, I’ve got my eyes on you), I figured this would be a great opportunity to give everyone a peek at how I get inspired.

Let's call this part one.



Motivation + Stress Relief

I like to relieve the stress in my life by tackling the things I do have over. I face the looming to-do's, lists for around the house, or a project I should have started three days ago. To-do lists and projects mean getting motivated and I need something as hardcore as vacuuming the main floor. 

And yes, housework is hardcore. 




I listen to a lot of music and when it comes to de-stressing, I like to put on something heavy. If the stress is already there, a calm playlist isn’t going to help me – if anything, it makes me more frustrated.  

  • Long Live the Cheif, Jidenna
  • Counting Cards, Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Best Friends, Grandson
  • Godless, Graceless, and Young, The Glorious Sons
  • Golden Dandelions, Barns Courtney
  • Flexicution, Logic
  • Running Back, Wale
  • Nowhere Fast, Eminem
  • Natural, Imagine Dragons
  • Majesty, Apashe

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Strains for Motivation

Getting motivated works differently for different people.

  • Cinex, Sativa
  • Jack Herer, Sativa
  • 303 OG, Indica
  • Snowcap, Hybrid
  • Tangie, Sativa
Cannabis Culture - Strains to Get Motivated | KAESPO Edmonton Lifestyle Blog


I count de-stressing and relaxing as two separate things. You might be able hash out a few tasks but that doesn’t mean you’re relaxed. 

Now, I love a good quote about getting out of your comfort zone but when it comes time to relax, I am all about getting in my comfort zone. Whether it’s in a forest without the wifi or on my couch with a good book.



My relaxing playlists are filled with favorites. I like to know the words to the song or at least the beat (because who doesn’t love a good dance-sesh at home or in the car, right?).

  • Like Gold, Vance Joy
  • Little Boy, Barns Courtney
  • Hopeless Opus,  Imagine Dragons
  • Battle Cry, Imagine Dragons
  • Goodbye John Smith, Barns Courtney
  • Cocaine Jesus, Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Sleep On The Floor, The Lumineers
  • Shapeless Art, The Glorious Sons
  • SCARECROW, My Chemical Romance
  • Ocean Eyes, Billie Ellish

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Strains for Relaxation 

  • Purple Haze, Sativa
  • Northern Lights, Indica
  • Blue Dream, Hybrid
  • Willie Nelson, Sativa
  • Headband , Hybrid
Cannabis Culture - Strains to Get Relaxed | KAESPO Edmonton Lifestyle Blog

Get Creative 

Sometimes I have all the time in the world but can’t seem to make anything work. Other times, it’s one o’clock in the morning and I’ve been hit with a wave of inspiration. 

Unfortunately, when you work in a creative field it means you can’t always wait for creativity to hit. You can’t force great ideas but you can definitely help them along.



This one is always a mix. Favorites will always get you going but if you’re trying to get creative, throw in some less-listened to songs to see if they light a spark. I love artists from so many different genres that this playlist is all over the map but they're all songs I know and love.

  • Cloud, Elias
  • Grigio Girls, Lady Gaga
  • Chelsea Dagger, The Fratellis
  • Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand
  • Kiss This, The Struts
  • The Next Episode, Dr. Dre
  • Deep, Big Sean
  • Consuela, Belly
  • Silence, Marshmello
  • Hear Me,  Imagine Dragons

Listen to my Creative Inspiration Playlist on Spotify

Strains for Getting Creative

  • Jilly Bean, Hybrid
  • Chemdawg, Hybrid
  • Kryptonite, Indica
  • Kali Mist, Sativa
  • Juicy Fruit, Hybrid
Cannabis Culture - Strains to Get Creative | KAESPO Edmonton Lifestyle Blog

And there you have it. I’d love to hear what you think over on my twitter or instagram – strains to suggest? Songs to add? I'm sure these playlists will change for me as I find more favorites and discover new-to-me songs.

Getting Creative & Motivated with Music & Cannabis | KAESPO Creative Lifestyle Blog, Edmonton
Getting Creative & Motivated with Music & Cannabis | KAESPO Creative Lifestyle Blog, Edmonton

Please remember that you should always consult a Doctor before using marijuana for medical purposes and chat with your local dispensaries for insight in a strain you'll enjoy.

If you want to learn more about cannabis, keep your eyes glued to Fire & Flower Cannabis Co – they're rocking some posts on what cannabis can do for you (and breaking all of the stereotypes while doing it). They’ll be opening up around Canada soon and I’m so looking forward to seeing what products I can add to my home & life necessities.

- kaespo