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script title highlight covers in pastels + neutrals


Free Instagram story Highlight Covers

Color Palette: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Beige, Grey
Style: Minimal
Content: Script Words
Background: Color blocks
Size: 1080x1920 px

Design + Photography: ©KAESPO
Useage: Do not edit. Do not share as your own. Repost with credit.

-kaespo, instagram 






Instagram Branding

You know me. I love visuals. Instagram Highlights were a great update to the platform and I love how easy it makes it for viewers to get a feel for an account. Plus, we have the option to make them look awesome. There are tons of story highlight cover options out there - icons, colors, titles, photos - and I had a lot of fun playing with my own (I opted in for icons and text).

I’ve been whipping them out for some fabulous clients but I’m here to share some free ones too! This set is minimal (shocker) and uses a script font for the highlight titles. It’s a cute font (admittedly, not my usual jam) but I adore the bounce and mono-line style.


10 Story Highlights

There are ten covers available on four different color backgrounds and all four colors coordinate with each other. Mix and match or sure a single color set alone!

When you download these highlights, you’ll get all color versions so it’s totally up to you which ones you end up using.

Need a different cover title for your stories?

Let me know in the comments (the highlight title & preferred color) below or drop a line on my instagram (@kaespo). I can’t guarantee that I’ll do all of them in all colors, but if I add to this covers set, I want to add covers that will be useful for you!


Download the Free Blogger Highlight Covers

PINTEREST Fun Script Blogger Instagram Highlight Covers 001.jpg
PINTEREST Fun Script Blogger Instagram Highlight Covers 002.jpg

Download this full set

Access .zip Download


Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

If you’re on the hunt for templates or icons that work specifically for you account and brand, I offer custom design services for highlight covers! I can do sets of 5 or 10 customized for you and whatever stories you share.

With personalized graphics, you can maintain your online appearance and professionalism. You might already have a logo (read my post on why your brand is so much more than your logo here → ) on your account but you can hop up a level with some unique highlights for your stories.

I plan to post a few tutorials on how to create your own professional graphics for social media branding and I’ll include a bit about creating instagram highlight covers too. If you have any questions on how to make your own, ask me in the comments - I’m happy to help!


Need Something Unique to Your Brand?

For custom branded solutions to fit your business and style, check out my Edmonton branding packages, digital design + marketing services, or contact me directly through my email or instagram. The free stock photography included in these bundles are given at a lower resolution than my professional paid resources.

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