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I started working out at home on a regular basis a few years ago and it made a huge impact on my lifestyle. For me, getting in the workout at home was the only way I could fit in any sort of fitness regime with my schedule and I know I’m not the only one. Having zero awkward run-ins with humans is also a huge positive. Plus, I love food. So between pinterest and instagram, I had a ton of ways to switch up my routines and take each workout to the next level.

Last year, I made the perfect change to my home office by making a permanent fitness corner. I was lucky enough to have the room in there to keep my flooring down permanently and adjusted my modular desk pieces to be able to store a few items out of sight for when I’m working in there. It’s not going to win any design prizes but holy shit, is it ever motivating.

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This blog post contains links where I recieve compensation for referrals to the fabulous Fit Girl Gang program - I only work with brands I believe and stand behind. Regardless of our partnership, I'm on board with this gang.



A few months ago, I discovered The Fit Girl Gang (TFGG). An at-home, bootcamp-style fitness program? Count me the hell in. I poked around the private Facebook group for a few days and learned that the community Jo talks about on @fitgirlgang is as genuine as she makes it out to be. Just a bunch of supportive people sharing recipes, workouts, and agressive-rap playlists.

I joined in time for Round 4 and membership gives you lifetime access. Lifetime access. My friends, that means no monthly payments. It included the exercise blocks, tutorials, video references, a recipe bank, access to that crazy-fabulous Facebook community, and a lot of resources I haven’t even gotten to yet. Once I got started, I realized how easy it was to tailor every exercise to my own fitness level and the equipment I had at home. Even if I was stuck on something, the Facebook group had all the answers.

Round 5

I’m stoked that another round is starting this Monday. Any ladies looking to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle should take a peek at what TFGG has to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on twitter (@kaespodesign) or instagram (@kaespo) - I’m happy to help!

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Phone Backgrounds To Keep Away the Lazy Days

Below are a few motivational lockscreens I whipped together to kick off Round 5. Help the inspiration flow when you’re reaching for your phone for your hundredth instagram scroll of the day.

I’d love to hear if you’re in TFGG or have some healthy lifestyle tips to share! In the meantime, I’ll be over here working on a spotify workout playlist.

Until next time,