No. 432 - Harry Potter Inspired Dark Aesthetics & Moodboard Design


Design, Photo Editing & Elements


No. 432

Color Palette: Dark Grey, Emerald
Style: Minimal, Dark
Backgrounds: Greenery, Chess Pieces
Text: Harry Potter Quotes

Design + Photography: ©KAESPO
Design Program: Photoshop CC
Photo Editing: Photoshop CC
Font: MB Empire






Content Creation Process

Chess pieces were photographed on a white background in natural lighting (three cheers for fabulous windows in my living room). They were originally black so that was helpful. The greenery was photographed on a black background. All photos were editing using Photoshop and isolated to be placed on the dark grey background.

Text was added in Photoshop and effects were created using blur, liquify, and a mask to blend the opacity.

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Moodboard For Brand Design Inspiration

This branding vision board was inspired by the dark aesthetic of the chess pieces (three cheers for having an amazing wizard’s chess set at home). While I love anything black and eerie, I also have an appreciation for modern design. I paired the noisy, textured photos with a sharp sans-serif to balance out the overall feel and bring something elegant to the table.

This moodboard has the potential to inspire dark branding concepts - my mind immediately goes to musicians and artists but with the right planning, darker designs can work with a lot of different businesses.


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