My name is Kaitlin and I'm a digital marketer, content creator, and graphic designer. I work with artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits to give them the tools they need to grow their brands. You know - the 'little-people'. With the big dreams.


Since 2011

This blog and the brand kaespo began in Spring 2016 as a creative outlet for my taste for minimal and attachment to aesthetics. I was already working with clients for my graphic and web design business since 2011 and enjoyed having a side-hobby to get out some of my own personal work.

It didn't take long for me to realize that kaespo could do more than just share a handful of designs and tutorials now-and-then. My style turned out to jive with some pretty cool people and I started spending just as much time sharing my personal graphics as I did working with clients to develop their own brands.


The purpose behind kaespo has not changed. My goal will always be to inspire my fellow creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Now, along with continuing to share my own work, I help people build a brand to share theirs too.

Work Together

As a creative lifestyle blogger, I’ve found my growth goes hand-in-hand with my community.

My project services have expanded to include collaborations as a brand ambassador and influencer. I’m thrilled at the opportunity this gives me to work with businesses and brands I truly believe in.